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Alberta Community and Social Services (Formerly Alberta Human Services) is a ministry of the Government of Alberta. The Ministry leads income, employment, disabilities and community-based supports, family violence prevention, and family & community support services.

About the Project

Pivotal Research Inc. is currently implementing a program evaluation of the Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).

ALIS—an online gateway to information, resources and services related to careers, learning and employment delivered through a suite of websites and print publications and workbooks—is one of the most used Government of Alberta websites catering to secondary and post-secondary students, job seekers, people in career transitions, educators, career practitioners and human resource professionals.  ALIS is operated by the Alberta Community and Social Services in cooperation with three other Alberta ministries: Labour, Education and Advanced Education.

The evaluation is being implemented in four phases. Phase 1 entailed conducting a literature review which was followed by stakeholder interviews. Two types of logic models were developed for professionals and end users detailing inputs, activities, outputs and short-, intermediate, and long-term outcomes specific for each target group.

Phase 2 of the study entailed a summative evaluation design targeting professionals, job seekers and ALIS website visitors and intended to evaluate certain critical aspects of the performance of the ALIS suite of services to determine how well it is meeting the outcomes and goals outlined by the logic models developed.  In 2017, Pivotal Research surveyed over 1,000 ALIS users through a number of channels.

Phases 3 and 4 are currently in planning and are scheduled for implementation between 2017 and 2019.