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The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario is the non-profit association of Ontario’s 24 academic hospitals and their research institutes. CAHO provides a focal point for strategic initiatives on behalf of its member hospitals. One such initiative is the Physician Quality Improvement Initiative (PQII).

About the Project

The CAHO PQII is a physician-led initiative that supports professional development and continuous quality improvement. It is designed to align physician goals and objectives with hospital quality improvement priorities. An essential component of the PQII is the implementation of the Physician Achievement Review (PAR) – a 360° performance evaluation survey, which enhances physician self-awareness by providing meaningful feedback related to the quality of patient care and professional development goals.

To date, the CAHO PQII adopted all 9 versions of the PAR program and the PQII has been implemented in 16 hospitals, with over 1,500 physicians from 15 disciplines having undergone the review. The voluntary nature of this program demonstrates the commitment of physicians in CAHO hospitals to quality improvement. For more information go to