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The College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS)  is the body that regulates the practice of registered nurses and nurse practitioners to protect and serve the public interest in Nova Scotia.

About the Project

The Nurse Practitioner Quality Monitoring and Improvement Program (NP-QMP)™ is a revolutionary program and the first of its kind in Canada. The program supports Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in continuously improving their work by providing them with a 360 degree snapshot of their nursing practice.

The NP-QMP™ provides participating NPs with detailed performance feedback from a comprehensive self-assessment and assessments from four other touch points within their practice: NP and physician colleagues, health professionals and colleagues and clients and/or parents/guardians.

This feedback is presented to participating NPs and provides them with the information they need to set goals, make practice improvements and continue to deliver high quality care to Nova Scotians. It also enables NPs to reflect on their practice and identify areas of strength and areas that can be improved upon, resulting in improved client care and NP satisfaction and it assists NPs in identifying system barriers that may not have been previously evident.

Learn more about the NP-QMP program at the CRNNS website.