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The Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA+C) register dentists and ensure that the dental health of Albertans is advanced through safe, available, quality and ethical dental services.

About the Project

The Dental Patient Feedback Program was developed by Pivotal Research Inc. in collaboration with the Alberta Dental Association and College. In 2012, Alberta dentists who attended the Dental Congress in Jasper were invited to provide their feedback regarding possible questionnaire items for the patient survey. The survey was tested numerous times with dentists before a comprehensive pilot study was conducted throughout 2013 and 2014 with volunteer dentists across the Province of Alberta. After conducting validity studies and incorporating feedback from dentists who participated in the program, the post-pilot program was launched in 2015.

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The Patient Feedback Program is now available to all dentists across Canada. To learn more about how the program can be implemented in your office feel free to contact us for more information.