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The client, a regional bank based in Western Canada, provides services to retail and commercial clients across four provinces.

About the Project

A regional bank in Western Canada implemented a marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness among businesses about the bank’s commercial services. The bank contracted Pivotal Research Inc. to evaluate the marketing campaign and assess businesses’ awareness of the bank and aspects of its identity.

The bank identified the target audience as companies that employ five or more people in the various communities where a branch or service office exists.  We assembled a contact list from two sources:

1) we obtained contact information from more than 900 companies that advertised in business and trade magazines where the Bank also posted ads; and
2) we purchased 11,000 randomly selected company contacts from a datahouse.

We selected a final sample of 10,000 businesses from within these lists ensuring higher representation from six industry sectors identified by the bank as the main target industries for their commercial banking business.  These were: Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction”, “Construction”, “Manufacturing”, “Wholesale Trade”, “Transportation and Warehousing” and “Real Estate and Rental and Leasing”.