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The Saskatchewan Arts Board is a public organization that funds arts initiatives to both groups and individuals by providing grants, services and programs that impact art in Saskatchewan.

About the Project

The research activities sought by the Board focused on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Identifying campaigns (similar in nature and objectives) that could inform the Board;
  • Interviewing organizations that conducted those campaigns; and
  • Extrapolating insights and key pieces of information and making recommendations regarding the feasibility of such campaign in Saskatchewan.

Pivotal Research conducted a jurisdictional scan to assist the Board in considering how public awareness campaigns have been framed in other jurisdictions; compare and evaluate options based on actions taken in other jurisdictions in response to similar opportunities/challenges; and identify/anticipate implementation considerations associated with these options.

The scan generated a list of 12 public awareness campaigns in Canada and the U.S. directed at the arts that can be further examined as part of strategies that the Board can potentially integrate into their own public awareness campaign.  Six organizations agreed to participate in key informant interviews conducted by Pivotal Research.

Our research team analyzed the data from the jurisdictional scan and campaign interviews and prepared a report which included a feasibility assessment and recommended actions for the Board to operationalize the envisioned public awareness campaign for the arts.