Thanks so much for the tremendous work Pivotal Research has done on this evaluation project. We truly appreciate your hard work and project management.

- Provincial Health Organization

Meaningful Evaluation of Programs

Your organization can choose from a wide variety of evaluation methods and tools to obtain the information you need to make decisions. Whether your interest is to better understand the needs that the program meets, to determine if the program is delivered as intended, or to assess the outcomes or results of the program, Pivotal Research can design the methods and instruments to ensure an effective assessment. And to encourage the practical application of the data we collect, we present all of our results in an easy-to-understand format that gives organizations the information to make fact-based decisions.

Pivotal Research can conduct the entire evaluation, or work with your team to build an internal evaluation system. An internal system has the advantage of building capacity within the organization to gather its own information. Once the instruments and procedures are designed, your staff can generate the data required for internal management reports, annual reports, and funding applications.

Here are some specific examples of evaluation projects.

Alberta Labour - Literature Review, Jurisdictional Scan and Logic Model development for ALIS - Alberta Learning Information Services

Alberta Culture - Literature Review and Retrospective Outcome Analysis of Grant Program

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General - Retrospective Analysis of Restorative Justice Funding Program

Alberta's Task Force on Crime Prevention and Safe Communities - Logic models and Evaluation Frameworks

Alberta Health Services - Evaluability Assessment, Formative and Summative Evaluation of services provided under the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Act (PChAD)