Settlement & Integration Sector

Learn about our suite of market research and evaluation services that are increasing the engagement of stakeholders, donors, funders, SPOs, Legislators and others in the settlement and integration sector. 

Pivotal Research is keenly aware of the Canadian immigrant integration landscape and has its finger on the pulse of provincial and municipal governmental settlement and integration policy priorities.

We are experts in designing successful immigrant integration strategies using evidence-based insights. From program evaluations that re-align your organization for maximum impact to immersive immigrant experience research that catalyzes your ability to lead with confidence and shape policy discourse. We combine traditional research strategies with the latest innovation and technology research tools to equip you with the solutions to pivot from disruption to innovation.

Pivotal Research designs and executes high-quality, rigorous, and objective evaluations that help organizations pivot towards successful outcomes.  

Whether evaluating a new digital service intervention at the pilot stage or assessing the impact or value for money of an ongoing program, our team has the requisite experience and tools to help you report on outcomes in ways that have an impact on your stakeholders and the public.

Pivotal Research conducts high-impact immigrant experience research leveraging inclusive research designs on behalf of provincial and municipal governments and immigrant serving agencies. Our immersive approach tells you what immigrants are going through so when they reach your case manager or receive your services, you can help them plan for successful integration.

We embed human-centered design thinking to map out your clients’ journey from pre-arrival to program exit so you could increase your reach and turn your clients into your best advocates. Our consultants delve into the client mindset by collecting and analyzing behavioural, emotional, and cultural drivers, increasing your insights into the hidden clientouchpoints that will unlock your success.

Our team at Pivotal Research specializes in policy research that helps you shape the immigrant integration policy conversation in Canada and beyond. Whether you want to build your advocacy agenda or plan future programming, we look for ways to help your organization leverage evidence to enhance policies, programs, processes, and your organization’s ability to meet its vision and mandate.

That’s why our work lays out opportunities for legislative and policy reform alongside innovative design transformation for your service delivery and partnership landscape within the immigrant-serving sector. We conduct literature reviews, analyze policies and legislation, scan the globe for promising strategies, engage stakeholders, crunch the data, and build actionable policy recommendations that increase your visibility and footprint.

Immigrant-serving agencies are reimaging their service delivery strategy in a post-COVID world. From digital service advances, to rebranding for virtual presence, and leading hybrid teams, no organization can grow or thrive without integrating innovation throughout its business lines. Pivotal Research uses research and stakeholder engagement designs to create meaningful, holistic, and human-centered digital transformation strategies for its government and non-profit clients.

Our team of experts go a step further than just assessing your readiness for digital transformation. We leverage research as a steppingstone to help you build evidence-based digital and technology tools that accelerate the speed of quality services and expand your client reach. True transformation doesn’t happen in a silo, so we look for inter-departmental and cross-disciplinary methods to increase efficiency and productivity as we’re undertaking our evidence gathering. We’d be proud to help you discover your digital future.