Municipal Census Solution

Learn about our fully supported Municipal Census Solution offering. A municipal census, regardless of the size of your municipality, can have significant strategic benefit. 

Pivotal Research is excited to announce our new Municipal Census Solution. Our customizable product delivers accurate information at efficient cost using specialized technology. We make your census project easy with fully supported implementation backed by a team experienced in advanced analytics and forecasting, enumeration operations, and ensuring Municipal Government Act compliance.

Your community CAN benefit from a census

Regardless of the size, geography, or budget of your municipality, we can tailor a program that delivers the data you need to meet your goals. 

Our tailored product can help you effectively and cost efficiently access strategic returns, including:

  • Accessing additional grant funding
  • Better planning based on up-to-date counts and data
  • Stronger understanding of transient populations
  • Confirming incorporation status changes
  • Comprehensive community consultation
  • Accurate disaggregated analysis

Customized for your community needs

Our experienced census team can help you customize your solutions to include:

  • Questions for important issues
  • Specifics on detailed demographics you require for planning
  • Enumerating plans that account for special geographies
  • Customized reporting and presentations to tell the story you need, including database integrations and dashboard builds
  • Accuracy and reliability of data that allows for disaggregation, custom analytics and advanced analysis

Support for the whole project

We know census is both a big undertaking and one you won’t undertake every year. To help support municipality staff, we support your project from beginning to end with:

  • Supplied and supported web-enabled tablets for enumerators
  •  Specialized software that increases enumerator route efficiency, cutting down on costs and helping you understand exactly where enumeration is at in real-time
  • Training for enumeration supervisors and managers, including the ability to update dwelling by dwelling and flag safety concerns as enumerators are out
  • A combined online and door-to-door enumeration approach that gets higher enumeration rates

Our Municipal Census Product includes:

  1. Set-up & training
    • Development of your customized census form, including online programming
    • Set-up and support for tablets (provided by Pivotal Research Inc. and returnable upon completion of enumeration)
    • Set-up and support for specialized software to map dwellings, routes and facilitate census completion
    • Training for project staff, enumeration managers and supervisors
  2. Supported online completions
    • Printing and mailing of promotional mail piece featuring unique access codes to all dwellings
    • Supported communications planning for municipal staff consistent with mail piece
    • Online data collection runs for a specified period in advance of door-to-door enumeration. Online rates vary by online aptitude and availability within each region
  3.  Supported data collection
    • Ongoing supported supervision for software implementation for the duration of the project
    • Ongoing data collection management and quality assurance support
  4. Data analysis customized to needs
    • Tabulations
    • Forecasting
    • Reporting

Cost efficiencies and options

At Pivotal Research, we bring passion and ingenuity to every project we undertake. 

That means, regardless of your circumstance, we can help tailor the solutions that work within your budget.

Supported census implementation starts at just $10,000 and we’re happy to help you understand the options available to reduce any municipality-born costs associated with the project. 

Curious about our other municipal government services?

We are experts in citizen experience research, bringing in-depth understanding of municipal, provincial, and federal government policy and regulations, the issues Canadians face, and the services they receive. 

We look at research issues from the local citizen lens, applying our extensive experience, best practice, and proven question sets, while understanding the mandate, jurisdiction, and service provision of our government clients. Our inclusive research designs account for diverse populations by ensuring that data collection methods afford everyone the opportunity to provide their perspectives.

For elected officials and administration who have a duty to understand their citizens, our approach ensures Pivotal Research recommends evidence-based solutions that have a tangible impact on communities.

Involving members of the public in the agenda-setting, decision-making, and policy-shaping activities of government institutions is a crucial step when undertaking policy development. Encouraging a two-way dialogue and allowing the public to share their views on the way government operates builds trust and supports effective decisions.

When providing opportunities for residents to contribute their feedback on projects, programs, services, and organizational priorities, it’s helpful to have an experienced partner to assist with collecting that input in an equitable, timely and systematic way.

Through application of our inter-jurisdictional and cross-sectoral policy acumen, we provide essential support to our government clients, so they can undertake program, policy, and infrastructure reforms knowing they’re solving residents’ most critical needs.

The right information at the right time helps make good decisions and effective policy.

The collection of accurate information is the cornerstone of public policy development. While many forces are involved in shaping government policy, it is research and data analysis that provide the body of evidence necessary to justify decision-making. Good public policy emerges from, and relies on, an understanding of the public’s needs. Our research approach is solutions-focused and guided by curiosity. We bring passion to every project and excel at translating complex data into clear, thorough, and compelling reports with strong propositional policy ideas that meet mandates.

Program evaluation is a key priority for governments seeking to continuously improve their actions and public policy outcomes to meet citizen needs. At Pivotal Research, we have a track record of conducting multi-year program evaluations that assess the performance and effectiveness of policies, programs, and processes, identifying areas for potential improvement. We help our government clients assess what’s working and what’s not.

Whether evaluating a new service at the pilot stage or assessing the outcomes or impact of an ongoing program, Pivotal Research has the requisite experience and tools to help you report on outcomes to your stakeholders and the public. We operationalize the evidence base for product and service delivery excellence and innovation.

Our support of evaluation activities can include providing evidence-based pilot design considerations, developing logic models, facilitating evaluation workshops, providing formative feedback, and assessing uptake, usage, and impact of interventions.

The relationship between governments and residents is ever changing. The advent of virtual service delivery and digital resources, especially over the pandemic, has increased overall digital literacy across all demographics in urban and rural settings.

At Pivotal Research, we use research and stakeholder engagement designs to create meaningful, holistic, and human-centred digital transformation strategies for our government clients. We put the lived experiences of people in the digital landscape first, understanding that people, places, and processes need to be deeply understood to effectively plan for products and services in our emerging digital world.

That means our team of experts assess more than your readiness for digital transformation, we leverage research as a steppingstone to help you build evidence-based digital and technology tools that accelerate the speed of quality services and expand your reach, ultimately empowering innovation in your service to residents.