Pivotal Research brings 25 years of excellence in market research and evaluation services to decision makers across Canada and beyond.

Pivotal Focus Group Research

Pivotal Focus Group Research

Based in Edmonton, Pivotal Research, Inc. is a national provider of research consulting services with more than 25 years of experience delivering market research and evaluation excellence to decision makers across multiple industries. 

We are solution enablers going beyond intelligence to unlock success for our business, government and non-profit sector clients. We leverage our deep expertise in the design and implementation of innovative research that enables our client’s growth and innovation potential. 

We deliver an integrated suite of quantitative and qualitative research consulting services through market research, public engagement, and evaluation and assessment. Annually, we conduct over 150,000 surveys and hundreds of in-depth interviews and focus group Edmonton discussions from various research projects that we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Pivotal Research delivers high-impact actionable insights that enable evidence-based strategic action. Our clients confidently take back our pivotal solutions and strategic recommendations to the boardroom or out to the public.   

We bring passion to all of our research initiatives ensuring that data-driven evidence makes a tangible impact on communities.  Pivotal Research is committed to examining research issues from a local citizen lens and upholding inclusion and diversity as key tenets for the way we conduct business. 

Our mission at Pivotal Research is delivering high-impact market intelligence and actionable insights that enable evidence-based strategic action by business leaders and policymakers across Canada and beyond.

We strive to become the go-to source in North America for evidence-based insights that enable smart policies and business decisions for thriving and happy communities and citizens.

Our Team

Our core team and associates bring years of corporate and government experience and subject matter expertise in International Business, Strategy, Public Policy, Statistics, Healthcare, Workforce and Skills Development, Community Engagement, Public Participation, Graphic Design, and Information Technology. 

Client Commitment

Pivotal Research is committed to delivering high-quality market research consulting services on time and within budget, providing our clients options and tiered research solutions to unlock insights and enable their success. Perhaps for these reasons, much of our work is repeat business. We have a reputation for making every effort to understand a client’s business and for “going the extra mile,” particularly when it becomes necessary to accommodate issues unforeseen by a client. We are known as having both the “big picture” view and the attention to detail which allow our client’s full confidence in the value and quality of our research.