Learn about our suite of healthcare research services that are increasing the engagement of health practitioners, patients, and health regulators across Canada. 

Pivotal Research is a leader in market research, evaluation services, and member engagement research, serving health regulators, healthcare associations, medical suppliers, and hospital networks nationwide.

Since 1999, we have delivered research solutions to help our clients bring about patient-centred care, regulatory reform, and service delivery excellence in the profession. At the centre of our innovative research methodologies is our commitment to advancing healthcare in Canada.

Engaging registrants in regulatory reform, strategic priorities, and change initiatives builds consensus, garners buy-in and enables health regulators to lead the profession with confidence. We help health organizations increase their insights into their network of health practitioners and registrants through engagement research to optimize the delivery of care experience.

Through innovative survey or in-depth qualitative research with registrants, we have the expertise to unlock engagement success.   

Patient experience research gives the public an opportunity to provide feedback on the care they receive from health professionals. We map out patient actions and decisions through the patient care journey and identify key touchpoints and pain points to inform targeted corrective action and quality improvement.

Our ultimate goal is to enable organizations to deliver a human-centric service delivery model that places a high premium on satisfaction to drive organizational success.

We work with board-governed organizations to build customized evaluation frameworks based on latest board governance trends that tell organization leaders how well they are doing to meet their governance mandates. An important component of board governance is building an environment that goes beyond diversity to ensure inclusion.

Through our evaluation services, we help organizations create an environment that drives performance and financial results. 

We provide a range of tailored evaluation services to our health regulators to optimize their quality improvement initiatives and patient-centered care, including enhancing their complaints management process. 

Through human-centric evaluation designs, we help colleges build smart key performance metrics, visually pinpoint optimization opportunities, cut down on service redundancies, and enhance the patient and registrant complaint experience.

We contribute to accountability and effective leadership by evaluating registrant’s performance and competencies. One way we do this is through 360-Degree feedback – a research process that gathers data about a professional’s performance from multiple stakeholders, including peers or colleagues, co-workers and clients.

Associations can take these insights and implement programs that enhance their members’ leadership capabilities and improve their practice standards. 

Our research is helping organizations unlock their innovative edge to develop new product and service lines, test user experience ahead of product scale-up, and assess product effectiveness.

We tap into innovative research methodologies leveraging interactive technologies through virtual and mobile-enabled platforms to capture in-the-moment or deep-dive stakeholder insights.