Labour & Skills Development

Learn about our suite of market research and program & service evaluation services that provide policy and mandate aware recommendations for labour & skills development sectors.

Pivotal Research is keenly aware of the Canadian jobs and skills development landscape and has its finger on the pulse of provincial governmental workforce investment policy priorities. We bring subject matter expertise and a wealth of experience from the workforce development ecosystem, including translating policies and data into evidence-based training and employment interventions.

Program evaluation is a key priority to continuously assess and improve employment outcomes for businesses, return on investment to adult learners and job seekers, and impacts to the labour market. At Pivotal Research, we have a track record of conducting large-scale, multi-year program evaluations that assess the performance and effectiveness of policies, programs, and processes, identifying areas for potential improvement. We help our clients assess what’s working and what’s not.

Our support of evaluation activities can include providing evidence-based pilot design considerations, developing logic models, facilitating evaluation workshops, providing formative feedback, and assessing uptake, usage, and impact of interventions, including alternative career pathway and mentorship interventions.

Good decisions are made with good information.

That means the collection of accurate information is the cornerstone of program, policy, and process development. While many forces are involved in shaping what you do and how you do it, research and contextual data analysis provides the body of evidence necessary to justify decision-making.

Dependent on what decision needs to be made, our custom research designs can tap into insights through mixed methods that collect quantitative and qualitative data. From in-depth interviews to open-link online surveys, and jurisdictional to media scans, we tailor our approach to ensuring understanding of experiences and context. Talk to us about the knowledge you need to acquire, the stakeholders you need to engage, or our ability to deliver complex information in clear, useful ways that will drive your goal attainment.

The workforce development and labour market landscapes are facing major disruption across the country, and particularly in Alberta, and are quickly evolving in response to a post-COVID economic recovery. One key disruptor is the rapid pace of digital technology adoption and pressing business needs for digital skills and tools. 

At Pivotal Research, we use research and stakeholder engagement designs to create meaningful, holistic, and human-centred digital transformation strategies for our clients. We put the experiences of people in the digital landscape first, understanding that people, places, and processes need to be deeply understood to effectively plan for products and services in our emerging digital world.

That means our team of experts assess more than your readiness for digital transformation, we leverage research as a steppingstone to help you build evidence-based digital and technology tools that accelerate the speed of quality services and expand your reach, ultimately empowering innovation for your clients’ needs. We’re excited to work with you on your next transformational initiative.