Not-for-Profit & Associations

Learn about our suite of market research and evaluation services that are increasing the engagement of stakeholders, donors, funders and others in the Nonprofit and Association sphere. 

Not-for-profits (NFPs) are facing significant sector disruption, from digital service advances to re-branding for virtual presence and crippling budgetary constraints. Pivotal Research provides NFPs of all sizes with the tools and insights to pivot from disruption to innovation. Whether you need to re-learn your market and members’ needs post-COVID, re-align your limited resources to achieve strategic priorities, or re-engineer your programs and services for maximum reach, our expertise can catalyze your ability to lead with confidence, live your mandate, and attain your goals.

For NFP leaders who put people first, engagement is integral to success. Pivotal Research regularly integrates public and stakeholder engagement research strategies into our projects to gauge citizen perceptions and unlock consumer mindsets. Whether it’s mobile ethnography to capture in-the-moment feedback or online bulletin boards for deep-dive ideation, we ensure all voices and perspectives are considered for effective, evidence-based decisions. Our inclusive designs ensure we reach the hard-to-reach, so everyone can participate.

When providing opportunities for stakeholders to contribute their feedback on projects, programs, services, and organizational priorities, it’s helpful to have an experienced partner to assist with collecting that input in an equitable, timely and systematic way.

Evaluation is a key priority to continuously assess and improve outcomes, impacts, and understand efficacy and efficiency. It is key to providing transparency and accountability. At Pivotal Research, we have a track record of conducting large-scale, multi-year evaluations that assess the performance and effectiveness of policies, programs, and processes, identifying areas for potential improvement. We help organizations assess what’s working and what’s not so they can pivot to greater success.

Our support of evaluation activities can include providing evidence-based pilot design considerations, developing logic models, facilitating evaluation workshops, providing formative feedback, developing pre- and post-pilot survey instruments, conducting interviews with pilot sites and project sponsors, and assessing uptake, usage, and impact of interventions, including internal staff, volunteer, director/councillor, or stakeholder capacity-building and development programs. If your organization is undertaking it, Pivotal Research can help you assess, report, and improve on it.

When done right, market segmentation enables NFPs to confidently drive strategy, social marketing and fundraising campaigns, re-branding initiatives, and user experience improvements. Through survey research and advanced analytics, we identify segments of prospective clients who share similar values, lifestyles, and motivations. We then bring data to life by humanizing market segments through the creation of personas, so NFPs can create targeted messaging that resonates emotionally and rationally, develop strategy that’s geared for success, and undertake advocacy that aligns for win-win scenarios.

Digital service advancements, the evolving online landscape and pressing business needs for digital tools and skills are driving rapid change, including inside the NFP. Resource constraints are often a serious consideration for our NFP clients, however, even when ROI on digital transformation and service delivery can be significant.   

That’s why at Pivotal Research we use research and stakeholder engagement designs to create meaningful, holistic, and human-centered digital transformation strategies for our NFP clients. We put the experiences of people in the digital landscape first, understanding that people, places, and processes need to be deeply understood to effectively plan in our emerging digital world and ensure value for money.

That means our team of experts assess more than your readiness for digital transformation, we leverage research as a steppingstone to help you build evidence-based digital and technology tools that accelerate the speed of quality services and expand your reach, ultimately empowering innovation for your clients’ needs and maximizing your funding dollars.