Pivotal Research is a leader in customized market research consulting services.

Pivotal Research is a leader in customized market research consulting services that unlock our clients’ growth potential and service delivery excellence.  We specialize in market segmentation, client experience research, and communication and message testing.  We deliver market research solutions to clients across a range of industries, including transportation, healthcare, government, and the nonprofit sector.

We help our clients identify effective market segments that offer valuable, actionable, and understandable market intelligence to drive business strategy, successful marketing campaigns, re-branding initiatives, and customer experience improvements.  

Through survey research and advanced analytics, we identify and quantify segments of citizens or consumers who share similar values, attitudes, behaviours, motivations, and lifestyles.  And then we bring data into life by humanizing market segments. 

Our clients are equipped with the knowledge to create emotional and authentic messages and experiences that enables their growth potential and strengthens their brand equity.

We understand why collecting customer experience and satisfaction data is important to organizations.  Satisfaction on its own is an attitudinal measure that is an excellent indicator of past performance. However, it does not tell the service provider anything other than the service they sought exceeded, met, or did not meet the customer expectations.

Pivotal Research goes beyond assessing satisfaction measures.  We delve into the customer mindset by collecting and analyzing behavioural and emotional drivers that provide insights into their future intentions and behaviours.  

We offer a suite of customer experience and satisfaction research services including:

Customer journey mapping.

We map out customer actions and decisions through the purchasing or service delivery journey and identify key, or sometimes hidden, customer touchpoints and pain points to inform targeted corrective action and quality improvement.  

Longitudinal client satisfaction surveys.

Most of our clients conduct multi-year online longitudinal survey research to track customer attitudes, perceptions and experiences.  We create benchmark surveys that track year-to-year trends to help clients effectively address drivers of dissatisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.  

Voice of the customer (VOC) research.

Pivotal Research conducts VOC research with clients looking to optimize their operations while ensuring customer satisfaction, transparency, and accountability.  This type of research specifically focuses on linking satisfaction with key performance indicators to drive organizational success.

Event-based/pulse surveys.

We use event-based/pulse-type customer feedback surveys that capture immediate customer reactions following a service or action.  

Customer qualitative research.

Surveys are typically augmented with qualitative research through interviews and focus groups.  Qualitative research deepens our client’s understanding of their customers’ mindset.  Customers walk through the process of receiving a service or product and engage in recommending improvements and identifying pain points from their point of view.

Real-time customer experience feedback.

We have recently deployed mobile ethnographic research strategies to capture in-time customer experience feedback.

Customer experience improvements.

Quantitative and qualitative customer experience research is typically followed by analyzing trends, identifying service experience gaps and impact on customer future activities, and enabling clients to link customer experience with employee engagement metrics. 

Pivotal Research brings vast experience in communications and message testing helping organizations prepare for full-impact marketing and advertising campaigns.  

We develop, test, and propose key campaign messaging and communication products to our clients to achieve compelling support and effective reach.

We engage citizens and consumers through exploratory market research to unlock the emotional needs and cultural subtleties that impact reactions to messaging and ensure that messages are targeted, inclusive, and informative.