We help organizations pivot to successful outcomes through evaluation excellence.

Market Evaluation Consulting in Edmonton

Evaluation Services

Pivotal Research designs and executes high-quality, rigorous, and objective evaluations and assessments that help organizations pivot towards successful outcomes.  

We evaluate programs, processes, policies, and quality improvement.  We do Market Evaluation Consulting Edmonton and contribute to public accountability and effective leadership of organizations by evaluating boards’ and committees’ performance.  We also assess the performance of professionals and healthcare practitioners through 360 feedback programs.

We have a track record conducting multi-year program evaluations that assess the performance and effectiveness of policies, programs, and processes.  

Whether evaluating a new product or service intervention at the pilot stage or wanting to assess the outcomes or impact of an ongoing program, Pivotal Research has the requisite experience and tools to help you report on outcomes to your stakeholders and the public and operationalize the evidence base for product and service delivery excellence and innovation. 

We offer the suite of program evaluation services:

Evaluation design.

Our team of consultants guide our clients through developing key evaluation questions to inform the “right-fit” evaluation design that meets clients’ budgetary and accountability/reporting requirements. 

Logic models (or evaluation framework).

As part of logic model development, we assist our clients in articulating the program or project inputs, outputs, short- and long-term outcomes, and internal and external threats to program success.  We embed our logic models within a larger policy or business context to ensure that our clients are able to see the big picture within which their program operates.

Data collection and KPI frameworks.

We build data collection frameworks to support multi-year or ongoing evaluation studies.  We also ensure effective management of project targets and benchmarks through the development of key performance indicators.

Formative evaluation.

We deliver formative evaluation feedback to clients employing various research methods to inform evidence-based strategy design.

Process evaluation.

Our process evaluations inform course-correction measures and tell our clients whether their programs or strategies are delivering as intended.

Summative or impact evaluation.

We assess outcomes, impacts and return on investment of program and strategy interventions.  We employ a range of rigorous and non-experimental evaluation designs.

We provide a range of tailored evaluation services to our healthcare industry clients to optimize their quality improvement initiatives and patient-centered care.

Process mapping.

Pivotal Research contributes to quality improvement initiatives through the development of high-quality process maps that identify accountabilities, communication touchpoints, cycle times, pain points, and bottlenecks.  Process maps are helping our clients visually pinpoint optimization opportunities and cut down on service redundancies.  

KPI development.

Taking action to improve quality of care starts from the development of actionable and smart key performance metrics that gauge effectiveness and success.

Human-centric evaluation design.

We conduct quality improvement evaluations with a human-centric design thinking framework.  We engage patients, healthcare professionals, the client’s stakeholders, and the client in the development of solutions.  Our clients are assured of quality services and care that places a high premium on communication, accountability, and customer service. 

We are a national leader in developing and implementing 360 feedback programs for the healthcare industry in Canada. Since 1999, our firm has designed and managed single and multi-source feedback programs for health regulatory authorities and hospitals in Canada, the US and Ireland and provided consultations to clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Multi-source feedback programs or 360 are research processes that involve data collection about a healthcare provider’s performance from multiple stakeholders, including peers or colleagues, co-workers and patients/clients. The main goal of 360 feedback programs is to provide health professionals with actionable feedback to enhance their practice and professional development.

We help board-governed organizations ascertain the efficacy and effectiveness of their boards’ and committees’ composition, operations, and performance.  

Pivotal Research provides a suite of board performance evaluation services:

Evaluation framework.

Pivotal Research works with board-governed organizations to build customized evaluation frameworks based on latest board governance trends that tell board members and organization leaders how well they are doing to meet their board governance mandates.

Assessment tools.

Whether assessing board and committee competencies or their collective performance, we deliver ongoing and one-time quantitative and qualitative assessment tools that fit each organization’s accountability needs. 

Tailored reporting.

We deliver individualized and collective board and committee reports that provide tailored feedback for continuous improvement and professional development.