We are experts in public engagement research.

Public Engagement Research in Edmonton

Public Engagement Research

Pivotal Research adheres to the principles of public participation research and practice standards as articulated by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  We are members of the IAP2 Canadian Chapter and sit on the association’s research committee. 

Public Engagement Research Edmonton brings our clients the critical information needed about their stakeholders’ perceptions to make informed decisions that will garner public buy-in and consensus-building. 

We follow the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation to understand at which stage our clients want to engage their stakeholders, whether to consult on decisions or involve in the development of alternatives, and develop inclusive research strategies that meet those needs.

We combine quantitative and qualitative research techniques to gather feedback from a wide cross-section of the public and ensure all voices and perspectives are considered.

We are experts in citizen engagement research, bringing in-depth understanding of local and provincial government policy and regulations, the issues Canadians face, and the services they receive.  

We look at research issues from the local citizen lens recommending evidence-based solutions that make a tangible impact on communities.  Our inclusive research designs account for under-represented and marginalized populations by ensuring that data collection methods afford everyone the opportunity to provide their perspectives.  

In the last few years, we have administered citizen engagement research with a variety of individuals and groups for inclusive and diverse research designs including: 

   Older adults and seniors

   Individuals with limited language proficiency

   Persons with disabilities

   Recent immigrants and newcomers

   Individuals belonging to LGBTQ2+ communities

   Individuals belonging to indigenous communities

   Individuals belonging to ethnic or racialized communities

Pivotal Research is a leader in developing effective stakeholder research projects.  We help our clients learn about the stakeholders upon whom their success rests. Our team members bring a wealth of experience in stakeholder engagement research across a wide range of diverse audiences in multiple markets.

From conducting in-depth interviews with small and medium size businesses to conducting engagement surveys with employees and moderating focus groups with industry leaders and local champions, we design stakeholder engagement research that provides our government, business, and non-profit decision makers with the feedback necessary to build consensus, garner buy-in, and grow or reform with confidence.

We help professional associations and health regulatory bodies seek critical input from their members through engagement research to facilitate their decision-making on key strategic priorities that impact the daily activities of those professionals. Whether it is pulse survey feedback on regulatory reform or ongoing engagement research to improve practice standards, Pivotal Research has the expertise to unlock engagement success.

We design member engagement research solutions that help our clients increase engagement among their membership base, enhance member retention, and optimize their transparency and accountability standards.

We build data collection tools that meet professional associations’ requirements for member feedback that is anonymous and representative across the membership.  We conduct focus groups, in-person interviews, online surveys, or mixed methods to ensure the collected data provide the answers our clients seek.  Our reports answer the “so-what” by guiding professional associations in improving their member engagement strategies through targeted and evidence-based recommendation-development.

We have leveraged our expertise in 360 feedback assessment in the Canadian healthcare industry to position us for high-quality patient engagement research.  

Patient engagement research gives the public an opportunity to provide feedback on the care they received from health professionals.  Our ultimate goal is to assist health regulatory bodies, hospitals, and healthcare organizations in the development of human-centric service delivery models where patients play a critical role in the design of their care.