Voice of the Public/Patient

Achieve Right-Touch Regulation with Confidence

Profession Regulator VoP Program

Profession Regulator VoP Program

The Profession Regulator Voice of the Public/Patient (VoP) Program allows the public to provide feedback on the services or care they receive from regulated professionals.

Supported by decades of research on outcome measurement, quality assurance, and customer experience, the Pivotal Research Profession Regulator VoP Program provides profession regulators with intelligence vital to meeting their mandates.

Our groundbreaking VOP programs, created for the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals and the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, embarked on insightful explorations of the patient journey and awareness and trust of regulator.

These VOP metrics are driving strategic priorities for targeted awareness campaigns, re-imagined practice standards, re-designed complaints processes, and evidence-based reforms to improve equity, inclusion and patient agency.

  • Enhance Quality Improvement and Ongoing Competence
  • Deepen Understanding of Complaints
  • Inform Practice Standards Reform
  • Manage Risk of Harm to Public
  • Increase Public Trust and Transparency
  • Enhance Public Experience with Regulated Profession Services
  • Meet Governance Mandates
  1. We map out user and patient actions and decisions through the client journey and identify key touchpoints and pain points to inform targeted corrective action and quality improvement.
  2. We gather critical key performance indicators province-wide on services uptake, user satisfaction, patient agency, awareness of regulator, perceptions of the profession, and organizational reputation, among other key metrics.
  3. We present outcomes through high-impact data visualization. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to view and analyze VoP results in real-time, by health region and key demographic, both internally for regulatory purposes and externally for public reporting.