Transportation / Public Transit

Learn about our suite of customer experience research, service evaluation and public engagement services that leverage deep insights for incredible impact.

Pivotal Research has significant experience conducting research projects in the transportation sector. Our team members have completed projects for airports, airlines, public transit, taxis/vehicles for hire, and ferry operators.

The public transit industry has witnessed tremendous upheaval during the last two years due to the pandemic. The emergence of flexible work arrangements, remote work, virtual and online schooling, and the continued growth of online shopping & food delivery has put a lot of pressure on public transit planners. As user demographics change and urban designs evolve, Pivotal Research understands the need to capture experience data in new ways. We pride ourselves on our continued use of innovative tools and platforms, the use of AI to analyze data, and the aggregation of multiple sources of data.

Pivotal Research has a wealth of experience in implementing comprehensive experience research studies. Using traditional and innovative methods, we ensure that all voices and perspectives are considered to enable effective, evidence-based decisions.

We focus on collecting and reporting data from customers/clients and non-users alike to understand the full perspective of your product, service, or brand. That might mean applying satisfaction data to mapping an entire customer journey from planning to trip to post-trip reflection, or emphasizing data measuring awareness, brand recognition, perceptions, and attitudes to understand brand equity.

Develop a Customer Experience (CX) Masterplan

A Customer Experience masterplan is a detailed document that leverages journey mapping to provide insights. Pivotal Research are experts in reviewing and developing a CX masterplan alongside a customer evaluation framework that includes KPIs and data collection methodologies, for ongoing touchpoints and monitoring along segments. Where segments don’t exist yet, we’re also adept at collecting the data that will allow us to identify user segments, assess their current level of brand loyalty, product and service satisfaction, and identify the KPIs that will resonate across your organization for improved service and/or increased sales.

Pivotal Research uses a mix of traditional and innovative cutting-edge mobile ethnography to unlock the undisturbed, authentic experiences of target groups. Mobile ethnography adds a pinch of innovation to a traditional research method by gathering feedback on daily encounters in real time. There really is an app for that and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Participants use their mobile phones to upload pictures, videos, make comments and provide assessments while on their way to work, school, and other destinations.

Instead of a researcher directly observing subjects, we can get (some say better) data and insights through the digital interface. In this sense, invaluable information about participants’ in-the-moment perceptions and experiences are at our fingertips, literally.

Engagement is the quintessential factor for success. Pivotal Research regularly integrates public and stakeholder engagement research strategies into our projects to gauge citizen perceptions and unlock consumer mindsets. Whether it’s mobile ethnography to capture in-the-moment feedback or online bulletin boards for deep-dive ideation, we ensure all voices and perspectives are considered for effective, evidence-based decisions.

Improving customer experience through public engagement can give an understanding of citizens’ service experiences and engage them in the development of service delivery solutions to retain them as loyal customers.