Pivotal Research brings 25 years of excellence in market research and evaluation services to decision makers across Canada and beyond.

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How We Do It

At Pivotal Research, we follow a methodical process to deliver project excellence.  We create powerful research designs that do not simply collect and analyze data.  We go beyond intelligence to unlock success through the 4 E’s approach.

We thrive on quick turnaround, deep-dive research exploring market trends, best practices, and literature. This exploratory phase is critical to define project scope and research objectives.

We integrate public and stakeholder engagement research strategies into our projects to gauge citizen perceptions and unlock consumer mindsets.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all voices and perspectives are considered to enable effective, evidence-based decisions.

We adopt an inclusion-based approach to account for under-represented and marginalized populations for public engagement-based research.  We also ensure that data collection methods affords everyone the opportunity to provide their perspectives

Evaluation is a critical step of our analysis.  We don’t simply evaluate data and programs.  We evaluate assumptions, opportunities, needs, feasibility, and processes through various analytical tools that help organizations pivot towards successful outcomes.

We enable confident decision-making through recommendation-development.  We answer the “so what?” for our clients helping turn critical data points into strategic and operational action.

We consistently provide recommendations and operational action steps to our clients that help our research make a tangible impact on their stakeholders, employees, and bottom line. We also assist our clients in transforming data and complex information into strategic messaging that they can confidently take back to the board room or out to the public.