Pivotal Research Partners with CNAR

Pivotal Research is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (“CNAR”), a federation of national organizations whose provincial and territorial members are responsible for protection of the public through self-regulation. We are excited to work collaboratively with CNAR and its members to support their missions to further their respective professions and serve their stakeholders.


For more than 25 years, Pivotal Research has delivered high-impact research and evaluation solutions to over 30 health regulators and professional associations, unlocking valuable insights about their stakeholders that shape regulation and policy, drive reform and change initiatives, enhance practice standards, increase member engagement, and ultimately enable evidence-based strategic action. We leverage survey research, focus groups, online bulletin boards, in-depth interviews, jurisdictional scans, and much more to engage members and registrants, the public, industry experts and other stakeholders on important issues that impact the profession. Regardless of the methodology, we are committed to adopting the latest cutting edge research technologies that maximize research participation and promote innovation within the research field.


Through this partnership, we intend to share our expertise in research and evaluation, engage in the challenges and opportunities that self-regulators collectively face, and deepen our connections with them across Canada. Stay tuned for updates on our involvement with CNAR and if you are interested in member engagement opportunities with Pivotal Research, please contact dmelhem@pivotalresearch.ca.

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